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V2 Hightower LT Link

V2 Hightower LT Link

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The Hightower LT link stretches the capabilities of a really good all-around bike even further. These changes to the leverage curve help the suspension absorb chatter even better, while also soaking up large hits with ease. As a result, the bike tracks better and stays composed through big impacts. This creates a more confidence-inspiring ride that can let you push as if you were on an enduro rig while still maintaining excellent climbing ability. For us, this bike is our go-to set up for big pedal days with big descents. The Hightower LT link also adds mid-stroke support, coupled with some slight geometry changes, lets the bike rail corners even better. Coupled with this link, the Hightower V2 is the perfect enduro race bike for all but the most gnarly locations (Whistler & such).

We have designed the Hightower LT link around the stock 210 x 52.5mm shock so no changes are necessary to run it. A 55mm stroke shock (160mm of travel) can be run if desired, but for people with smaller frames or completely slammed seats, tire buzz can be an issue. The link also increases the clearance between the shock and the top of the shock tunnel. This is one of the tightest spots when fitting a coil with the stock link. Increasing clearance here allows coils to fit more comfortably and makes the shock tunnel width the only limiting factor in coil size. Because the Hightower uses a short stroke shock, the required spring rate to avoid harsh bottom outs results in very little sag with the stock link. By increasing the progression and raising the initial leverage ratio, the suspension sags properly with the spring rate that’s needed to not bottom out harshly. With this set up, whether or not coil is for you is your call.

The Hightower LT link improves descending performance noticeably with an air shock as well, so for a lot of riders the air shock is the way to go. In fact, the air shock is our choice with this link for our local trails.


  • Fits V2 Hightower frames (2019-2021)
  • Travel: 150mm (with stock 210x52.5mm shock)
  • Travel: 160mm (with stock 210x55mm shock)
  • +5mm chainstay length
  • Air and coil compatible
  • Sealed Enduro MAX bearings
  • Increased clearance between shock and top of shock tunnel (helps clear coil shocks)
  • 8mm x 30mm eyelet spacing
  • 6061-T6 Aluminum
  • Colors: Black, Silver, Red

Santa Cruz Hightower Leverage Ratio Chart

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