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SLAB Mineral Oil Caliper

SLAB Mineral Oil Caliper

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*Expected availability Oct. 14th*

This adaptation of our North Fork caliper is compatible with mineral oil and bolts up to many Shimano and TRP brake lines. The 18mm and 16mm pistons have carried over from our calipers for the Codes. As a result, these calipers produce 13% more power relative to the Shimano or TRP calipers that they replace. With the proper brake hose you can also hook them up to Sram DB8 levers for a 20% increase in braking power.

For fluid compatibility we have taken it a step further than necessary. These calipers come with Aflas seals which have a max temp of  no less than 250°C (482°F) and can operate at a continuous temp of 200°C. This is much higher than that of EPDM or nitrile, which is what is commonly used for DOT and mineral oil respectively. Essentially ensuring that your seals will not get damaged due to heat since this is around the same temperature that high temp brake fluids boil. Aflas happens to be compatible with DOT as well as mineral oil. So you could technically hook these calipers up to anything.

A lot of brake lever feel is determined by the master cylinder and how it's actuated, so the lever feel remains largely the same as what you are used to. As a result of making the calipers larger, there is a tad more modulation. This is due to their being a larger mechanical advantage over the pistons. Similar but different is the best description.

These calipers provide a tangible power increase that doesn't rely on specific riding conditions or temperatures to work. No matter what, you will have to squeeze the lever 13% less hard than you otherwise would with smaller calipers. We've said it before and we'll say it again, over that past handful of years bikes have gotten faster, people are riding even crazier terrain, and some really heavy bikes with batteries have been introduced. Yet brake calipers have remained fairly stagnant. When we begin to contemplate putting dinner plate sized rotors on our bike it's time to consider bigger calipers.

Beyond just making the pistons larger, we have also made it easier to get a good bleed by including the bleeding edge fitting on these calipers as well. A good bleed goes a long ways and bleeding edge is quite helpful for this. Standard DOT fluid compatible o-rings swell in mineral oil so clean off your bleeding edge fitting really well after use. When bleeding, please just remember not to pressurize with the bleed syringe unless you have the brake lever squeezed if you have Shimano levers. 

Another nice bit with this caliper is, because it is ever so slightly different in shape, currently we aren't aware of any post mount adapters that it doesn't work with.


  • 13% power increase for Shimano Saint, Zee, XTR, XT, XT, SLX, and Deore 4 piston brakes (current models). Keep in mind since this is not changing the master cylinder this is relative to the brakes in their stock form. Deore and Saint don't become the same.
  • 13% power increase for TRP DH-R Evo.
  • 20% power increase for Sram DB8.
  • Aflas seals, 250°C max temp, compatible with mineral oil and DOT
  • 18mm and 16mm phenolic pistons
  • Pistons and hardware come installed, pads not included
  • Available in black, purple, and silver (clear ano)
  • CNC’d out of 6061-T6 Aluminum
  • Designed, machined, and assembled in Everett, Washington USA
  • Weight: 115g dry without pads

Lever Compatibility:

  • Compatible with all Shimano master cylinders for four piston brakes
  • Compatible with TPR DH-R Evo master cylinder
  • Compatible with Sram DB8 master cylinder
  • These will work with many other mineral oil levers, but functionality can't be guaranteed as they have not been tested.

 Pad Compatibility:

  • Compatible with Shimano D02S, D03S, N04C, and N04A pads
  • Compatible with TRP 4 piston pads
  • Any pad that is a replacement for the ones listed above
  • Not compatible with Shimano H03A and H03C pads. If you want finned pads get the N04C pads.

Post Mount Compatibility:

  • Compatible with all known post mounts

Rotor Compatibility:

  • Max rotor thickness: 3mm

Fluid Compatibility:

  • These calipers are compatible with any brake fluid, but use what your levers are designed for

*Pads are not included with the caliper.

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