We have developed a range of products that cater to aggressive riding in rough terrain by delivering confidence-inspiring performance so all you have to think about is the trail. If you ride for the downs, look no further!


Our EU-based fulfillment center makes shipping times faster, and saves you excess fees or charges! All inventory listed on our EU site reflects our stock currently available in the EU.


    At Cascade Components, our mission is to produce high-quality products for riders who are as passionate about mountain biking as we are. We launched our first link, the V4 Nomad LT, back in June of 2019. Since then, we've grown our production to over a dozen products across multiple brands and intended uses.

    We have put significant effort into R&D. Our components have been ridden hard and worked on from day one by engineers to ensure nothing was overlooked. With 17 years of riding in the PNW, we know what goes into a quality component. Our products have seen some of the best riding the region has to offer and have proven themselves every time!


    Designed, made, and tested in the Pacific Northwest. Not only is every feature CNC-machined, all the critical surfaces that interface with the frame are hit in the same setup for the maximum possible accuracy. We strive for high quality components that maintain aesthetics.

    Designing and machining high quality parts is our expertise. We have experience in many industries including aerospace, optomechanics, and dive equipment. Our designs draw from this experience and hold nothing back. Whether it's linkages or other components, no stone is left unturned.