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V4 5010 Link

V4 5010 Link

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We are back with a slight twist to new link for the Santa Cruz V4 5010. As with all our Santa Cruz links, this link increases progression compared to the stock link. As an addition we have added a flip chip that creates two separate travel options. Now you can choose between having your 5010 set at 140mm of travel with 31% progression or 130mm travel with 29% progression. For reference, the stock link gives 130mm of travel and 24% progression. Both travel settings put the ride height in between the high and low settings that exist on the stock link.

This link will benefit anyone who is trying to get even more pop out of their bike, wants the rear end to track better, needs more bottom out resistance, or wants to try even harder to tear tires off rims. Where the shock slaps bottom with the stock link, this link will manage the impact with ease without having that "wall of pressure" feeling that tons of tokens in the shock will create. When it starts to get rowdy and your feet are getting bounced around on the pedals the link will help tame things without having your bike also feel like a sofa. We like to joke about Strava, but with the link in the 140mm setting we set some fast XC loop times... this thing still boogies on the climbs. So whether it's jibbing random knuckles or getting on the gas for some down country this link has you covered.

As a bonus, for those of you who want a Bronson, increase the shock stroke to 55 mm and the travel is 150/140mm. Boom 2021 Bronson.


  • Fits V4 5010 frames (2020-2022)
  • Progression increased 31/29% (LT/ST settings) from 24% with stock link
  • Travel: 140/130mm (LT/ST settings with stock 210x50mm shock)
  • Travel: 150/140mm (LT/ST settings with 210x55mm shock)
  • +5mm chainstay length
  • Sealed Enduro MAX bearings
  • 8mm x 30mm eyelet spacing
  • 6061-T6 Aluminum
  • Colors: Black, Silver, Red

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