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Turbo Levo Long Shock Kit (2022-Current)

Turbo Levo Long Shock Kit (2022-Current)

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 The name says it all. This combination of linkages and shock yoke allow you to install a 230x65mm shock on your bike. This has some serious implications as far as shock set up and ride quality go. The set up yields 165mm of travel and 35% progression. That combined with the 65mm shock stroke dramatically lower the shock pressure required to get 30% sag while increasing bottom out resistance by a minimum of 12%. For heavier riders in particular, this is a huge improvement. You can expect a 20-25% decrease in air pressure. That said, this isn't only for heavier riders. If you want a set up for this bike that goes above and beyond when it comes to descending, this will be of benefit to you even more than our link for the stock shock.


  • Fits Turbo Levo Frames (2022 - current)
  • Requires 230x65mm shock
  • Travel: 165mm (with stock 230×65mm shock)
  • Progression increases to 35% from 20%
  • Keeps geometry identical to stock geometry
  • Sealed Enduro MAX bearings
  • CNC’d out of 6061-T6 Aluminum in the USA
  • Colors: Black, Silver, Orange

Compatibility Notes:

For frame sizes S2 and smaller, shock selection may be restricted by frame clearance at full compression. Larger diameter shocks/springs, like EXT or a Float X2, can rub on some frames. We can't guarantee it won't affect your frame. If you see someone out there say it's fine and they have pictures and all, you may find things to be different on your bike. So please error on the side of clearance and caution if your frame is size S2 or smaller. If you are not okay with the sorting out shock clearance, which may entail running a shock that isn't your first choice, we'd recommend sticking with the link for the stock size shock.

Additionally, on newer frames (late 2023 and up) we have seen less clearance between shock and top tube at bottom out on a few bikes for some reason. We do not know why, but there are two likely causes. One, frames change as tooling wears over time. It is possible clearances have drifted because of this. Two, worn out shock hardware or bearings. Suspension is an entire system, so play can cause things to not clear as they should. The way these links are machined, positional accuracy of the bearing bores is around 0.0002". We have not changed the links and the machining is not randomly off. If you have concerns about clearance with the link, we would recommend going with an Ohlins TTX22 M.


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