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Stumpjumper EVO LT Link (2021-Current)

Stumpjumper EVO LT Link (2021-Current)

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This link is compatible with the 2021 to current Stumpjumper EVO.  Along with an increase in travel, the bike's progression is increased from 19% to 26%.  The increase in progression allows the bike to be ridden with a stiff enough spring to prevent harsh bottom outs without having to compromise on small bump compliance.  As a result, traction is improved through rough terrain while the bike is happier to tackle the bigger hits.  Riders on air shocks will see additional benefit in the link as fewer volume spacers can be used to maintain the same bottom out resistance.  

The Stumpjumper’s pedaling performance unaffected as the link maintains the stock ride height of the bike.  This means all the added descending performance doesn’t make you dread the pedal back to the top.

For those that love twisting the knobs on their shock, the Stumpjumper link opens up more room for suspension tuning by making the suspension no longer reliant on things like excessive damping, volume spacers, or progressive springs.  Riders have a larger usable range of damping adjustment because excess damping is no longer relied upon for preventing bottom outs.  In many cases, compression damping can be backed off to make the shock more active over small bumps.


  • Fits Stumpjumper EVO (2021 to current)
  • Travel: 158mm (with stock 210×55mm shock)
  • Keeps geometry identical to stock geometry
  • Sealed Enduro MAX bearings
  • CNC’d out of 6061-T6 Aluminum
  • Colors: Black, Silver, Orange

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