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Smuggler Link

Smuggler Link

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Our link for the Transition Smuggler helps the bike feel more capable of anything you can throw at it.  We have taken the same concepts from our popular V1 Sentinel link and applied them to the Smuggler.  Increasing the progression from 11% to 21% helps keep you from bottoming out as often yet also gives the bike a more supple feel at the beginning of travel for improved traction.  The increased progression also helps reduce the need to use an excessive amount of volume reducers in the rear shock while also making the bike more friendly towards coil and large volume air shocks.  Increased mid stroke support gives you more to push off of when hitting jumps, berms or G-outs and creates a more playful ride.  The link also provides an additional 10mm of rear wheel travel which is always welcome when the trail gets rougher.  If you love your Smuggler but have always wanted a little bit more - here is your solution.  

For those interested in more gravity-oriented riding, you can also change the bike's travel with the link.  With the stock 50mm stroke shock, rear wheel travel is increased to 130mm.  Most Smugglers can run a 210×55 mm shock for 140 mm of travel, but not all. If you do decide to run your Smuggler with 140 mm of travel, please check all frame clearances at full bottom out. While it works comfortably on our test bikes, we’ve seen enough variation in carbon frames from other brands where it’s a wise idea to check. The area to pay close attention to is the clearance between the shock reservoir and the frame. It clears on the DHX2, but longer reservoir shocks will have issues here.


  • Fits carbon Smuggler frames (2018-2020)
  • Fits alloy Smuggler frames (2018-2019)
  • Increases progression to 21% from 11% with the stock link
  • Travel: 130mm (with stock 210x50mm shock)
  • Sealed Enduro MAX bearings
  • CNC'd in the USA from 6061-T6 Aluminum
  • Colors: Black, Silver

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Expert Reviews

"With the Cascade link installed, I have been able to tune my shock to a place where the bike feels good through the braking bumps and no longer bottoms out off the log drops. In stock form, I was able to set my bike up for one or the other but the Cascade link allows me to reach a balanced setup that feels good throughout the entire trail. Cascade does deliver on their claim of increased progression, I’m impressed." - Experienced Gear