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Rise Link & Preload kit (2020-2022)

Rise Link & Preload kit (2020-2022)

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You asked (quite a lot) and here it finally is! This link is designed to increase travel to 150mm while significantly boosting progression. If you're wondering what this might be similar to, think Stumpjumper Evo link. The increase in progression allows you to keep a super light and active off the top feel without having to sacrifice bottom out resistance. For descents the improvement is substantial. Let your Rise stretch it's legs a little. All links come with MAX bearings installed and are completely ready to bolt up.

We have also done a little to remedy the issue of links walking out on the spline at the main pivot due to side loading. The pinch bolt has been flipped to the outside of the link so that a tighter clamp on the spline can be achieved. Tighter clamp on the spline makes it much harder for the link to slide outwards. In addition we have included our preload kit, which entirely solves the issues people are having with noise and/or movement at the main pivot. The kit allows you to truly clamp across the inner race of the seat tube pivot bearings. It contains a washer, threaded nut, bearing spacer, and through bolt. It is designed to be run with our link and, as such, fitment is not guaranteed with the stock link.


  • Fits Orbea Rise (2020 to 2022)
  • Travel: 150mm (with stock 210×55mm shock)
  • Progression increases to 27% compared to 20% with stock link
  • Keeps geometry identical to stock geometry
  • Sealed Enduro MAX bearings
  • CNC’d out of 6061-T6 Aluminum
  • Colors: Black, Silver
  • Weight: 214 grams


  • All 2020 to 2022 carbon and alloy Rise frames with splined pivot axle
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