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Enduro Link

Enduro Link

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The Cascade Components link for the Specialized Enduro transforms your bike into an absolute trail conqueror. Progression is increased to 36% compared to 25% with the stock link installed. This means that rocks and G-outs are further smoothed from the trail as the change in kinematics provides better compliance over small bumps while also giving you increased bottom out resistance for the times you are deep in the travel. Your Enduro can now track straighter through the chunder, slap berms harder, and hit jumps with more confidence.

We know that if you are going to do a lot of descending on rowdy trails, you are going to have to get to the top of the hill. Climbing efficiency of the Enduro is maintained with the Cascade Components link so you will still be able to save enough energy for one more lap. Surely you can just add some tokens or a compression tune to your shock and get the same result as changing out the link right? Simply put, no. The Cascade Components link is not equivalent to adding more volume reducers or compression tuning to your shock.  The link is a total change of your rear suspension kinematics which can not be mimicked by tokens, different air cans or suspension compression tunes. Take your bike to the next level with the Cascade Components link and go show the rowdiest trails no mercy.


  • Fits Enduro frames (2020 - current)
  • Travel: 180mm (with stock 205x60mm shock)
  • Progression increases to 36% compared to 25% with stock link
  • Sealed Enduro MAX bearings
  • CNC’d from 6061-T6 in the USA
  • Colors: Black, Silver

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