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Druid & Dreadnought Link, C1

Druid & Dreadnought Link, C1

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For both the Druid and Dreadnought this link adds a significant amount of progression. There is no change in kinematics between the other links and this one. It is just a clearance thing. It's worth noting that the Dreadnought does not behave as progressive as the numbers suggest because such a large part of that progression happens at the very end of travel. Especially with the Ziggy link installed. The travel specs that are listed are true vertical amounts of wheel travel as opposed to the distance between the axle position at top of travel and bottom of travel. If you want to compare it to the travel amount as Forbidden measures it, add 3mm to the travel number listed below.

This is the most recent version of our link for Forbidden frames (the Druid and Dreadnought use the same link). This link has a little more clearance for shocks than either of the previous versions. It still won't clear every shock out there, though. Air shocks are good to go with this one. Our recommendation for those that are interested in running a coil would be and EXT with this bit made by Pinner Machine Shop up in whistler. The DHX2 with an SLS spring is good up to a spring rate of 550lbs/in. All other coil shocks are not verified. Pretty much any coil can be run with the addition of a spring retainer like the one from Pinner. If you are feeling handy with a lathe, shock choice is not limited.

As with all our other products, these are machined and assembled here in Washington.

The leverage plots for both frames have been updated to include information on the Ziggy link as well. The installation of the Ziggy link does have an impact on the suspension albeit a minor one.

Druid Specifications:

  • Compatible with Ziggy link
  • Increases progression to 32% from 25%
  • Increases progression to 34% from 27% with Ziggy link
  • Travel: 142mm, 140mm with Ziggy link (with stock 210x55mm shock)
  • Colors: Black, Orange and Silver
  • Weight: 157 grams

Dreadnought Specifications:

  • Compatible with Ziggy link
  • Increases progression to 41% from 29% 
  • Increases progression to 47% from 33% with Ziggy link
  • Travel: 165mm, 161mm with Ziggy link (with stock 205x65mm shock)
  • Colors: Black, Orange and Silver
  • Weight: 157 grams


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