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Sight Link

Sight Link

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The Cascade Components Sight link brings the proven benefits of our other links to the Norco Sight.  An increase in progression to 25% from 18% with the stock link and bump in travel to 155mm allow you to push your bike and your limits harder than before.  The increase in progression results in more small bump compliance and rear wheel traction, allowing you to pick the line you want to ride instead of the trail picking your line for you.  Increased mid-stroke support and bottom out resistance means that you will have more useable travel and a bottomless feel when the trail speeds increase or the jumps get bigger.  An all mountain bike should also be a good climber so we were careful to maintain the excellent climbing characteristics of the bike.

There are many ways to keep your bike from bottoming out but only the Cascade Components link is a total change of your rear suspension kinematics.  No other combination of volume reducers, compression tuning or air cans is able to re-create the feel of the link.  The link is compatible with the stock shock on Sight so there are no worries about a costly re-tune or having to buy an entirely new shock to experience the benefits of the Cascade Components link.


  • Fits Sight frames 2020 to present
  • 155 mm of travel
  • Progression increases to 25% compared to 18% with stock link
  • Sealed Enduro MAX bearings
  • CNC’d from 6061-T6 in the USA
  • Colors: Black, Silver, Purple


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Expert Reviews

"If you are looking to turn your bike into a small-bump eating, big-hit killer, this would be a great upgrade to make. While this is not for everyone, aggressive riders looking for small bump compliance will gain the most benefit. My “trail” bike is built to do everything from gnarly shuttle days on wicked steep terrain to group rides and this was the missing link (pun intended) to perfect my setup." - The Loam Wolf