Sight Chain Guide (2020-Current)

Cascade Components


If you have been looking for top notch chain retention with a minimal weight penalty, this guide is the ticket. Our patent pending chain guide design brings chain retention good enough for rowdy bike park laps while weighing in at only 95g. Both the top and lower guide are completely non-contact so that you can pedal all day with no additional drag but the lower clearance between them and the outer side of the chain makes dropped chains something you will never have to think about. On top of all that, the minimalistic design keeps the bottom bracket area looking tidy.

The low weight and slim design are partially achieved by making the chain guide plate frame specific. The plate holds the top and bottom guides in the exact spot they need to be, so you can just bolt the guide on and be ready to roll. No adjustments or clocking is necessary. The plastic top and bottom guides are specific to chainring size, so while there is no adjustment built into the guide, if you wish to switch to a different chainring size all you have to do is swap the plastics. Oh and for those of you interested in a little customization, the lower guide/bash is attached using chainring bolts, so there are many options out there that can be swapped in.

So there you have it. Slap one of these on and go blast the chunkiest rock gardens and roots around. If you can drop your chain we will be seriously impressed.


  • UHMW upper guide
  • Delrin lower guide/bash
  • Angled leading edges minimize hang ups on impact
  • Current chainring compatibility: 32T or 30T
  • Includes stainless mounting hardware
  • Not compatible with oval chainrings
  • Weight: 95 grams

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