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North Fork Brake Caliper

North Fork Brake Caliper

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With trails getting steeper, modern bikes getting faster, and heavy E-bikes getting more capable, we are all searching for ways to get a little more power out of our brakes. Over the last handful of years, max brake rotor size has gone up around 20% while brake calipers have remained largely the same. Brake calipers need to be more powerful and handle heat better. Welcome to that world.

Our caliper for the SRAM Code brake lever is here to offer you the braking performance you have been searching for. Custom 16 and 18mm pistons provide 20% more power than the stock caliper and the piston motion has been tuned to compensate for the larger fluid volume so that your levers feel good. Gunmetal finished over-sized hardware holds the caliper halves together and keeps your bike looking fresh while creating the caliper stiff enough to provide superb power, modulation, and control. We have found that on long and steep descents, this caliper offers better heat management and fade resistance than the stock caliper.

Riding the caliper introduced us to some less obvious benefits that come with the increased power. Besides being able to shut things down quick anywhere and everywhere, there is the sensation of having more traction at the same time. At first this confused us. Traction is traction, right? After rides where we paid very close attention to what our hands were doing, we realized that because of the increased power allowing us to not have to squeeze the brakes as hard, we were actually able to control the bike better due to being less tensed up. Those high speed runouts where making the turn at the end was a trick are now easy.

Designing a caliper that could be easily maintained was critical to us. We've been in that spot where parts were hard to find due to running a less common brake brand. As such, the caliper is designed to work with standard Code pads and still uses the Bleeding Edge system. We have increased the size of the hex on the pad pin, but if you lose one the Code pin fits as well. 


  • 20% more power than stock Code caliper
  • Custom pistons and hardware come installed
  • Available in black, purple, and nickel plated
  • CNC’d out of 6061-T6 Aluminum
  • Designed, machined, and assembled in Everett, Washington USA


  • Works with all SRAM Code levers
  • Compatible with Code brake pads
  • Uses your existing brake bleed equipment
  • Requires DOT 4 or 5.1 brake fluid
  • May require different post mount adapters. Please see compatibility table on the third page here

Installation and Bleed Instructions

*Please read the installation and bleed instructions even if you have done a lot of Code calipers. The bleed process has a very specific detail about what angle the caliper needs to get held at that is critical to getting a good bleed.

*Pads are not included with the caliper.

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    Expert Reviews

    "SRAM Code RSCs are good, reliable brakes, but they’re a bit off from some of the very strongest options out there in terms of raw power. Cascade Components’ North Fork calipers change that. Their claim of 20% extra power is readily believable, both because the math checks out, and because of their on-trail feel — it’s a huge step up." - Blister