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ISCG 05 Lower Chain Guide

ISCG 05 Lower Chain Guide

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 This guide is the lower only configuration of our chain guide. It is intended for bikes that don't have the space or need to run an upper guide. Our patent pending guide geometry makes it impossible for the chain to get dropped from the bottom of your chainring all while being entire non-contact so that you don't have to worry about it holding you back on climbs. That's all on top of it being quite light and stout enough to take some serious impacts. We have cased things to rock on the guard and ridden out of it with little to show. Wouldn't recommend trying that one though.


  • Delrin lower guide/bash
  • Weight: 65g for both 30T and 32T
  • Angled leading edges minimize hang ups on impact
  • Current chainring compatibility: round 32T or 30T (not oval ring compatible)
  • Includes stainless mounting hardware
  • Designed, CNC’d, and assembled in Everett, Washington USA


  • Not compatible with Forbidden frames. Check back soon for a Forbidden specific version.
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